Once the IRS has made an assessment as to the amount of tax liability you owe, they have a statute of limitations of 10 years to collect the debt.  The necessary first step to take and not put off, is to respond to the notices of taxes owed that the IRS sends out.  Ignoring these notices will only result in collections action and more unrest, and less peaceful work in getting financial issues squared away.

We are here to assist you in getting through this pressing and stressful tax matter with the goal of obtaining an equitable offer that satisfies the IRS, and you are relieved to have the issue behind you and are now back on the path of financial stability.

It is important to understand that the taxpayer needs to be in compliance before any type of offer or agreement can be made. This means that all tax returns have been filed, and current year return estimated taxes are being made quarterly.  Payroll taxes are also being made quarterly.

After gathering and analyzing all the financial data and documents provided by and pertaining to you and your current circumstances, we will be able to make clear evaluation of your ability to pay the tax debt.  This will give a good idea as to what type of candidate you are, installment agreement with full payment or partial payment, offer in compromise, currently non-collectible, streamline.