Audit and Examination

When you receive the notice that your return has been selected for audit and examination, it is natural to feel anxious and very concerned.  But, this is the time where we can work with you in getting prepared to show the IRS that everything regarding your return is proper and in order.

Type of Examinations:

  • Correspondence exam is where the IRS sends some correspondence to the taxpayer listing the items that they would to see.  It may be a combo letter where the IRS will show what they believe that taxpayer owes and the charges will be shown.  No contact person or face to face meeting. Documentation is to be sent certified mail for proof that something was sent.
  • Office exam is where the IRS  sends a letter with a date and time that they would like to see the taxpayer with a list of documentation at the local office.
  • Field audit is where an examiner will want to come to the taxpayer’s place of business, and conduct an audit, review books and records, interview the taxpayer

Preparation is simply the key to being ready for whatever may come up during the examination. The better prepared we are, the smoother the exam will go.  The auditor will more than likely ask for more than what was just on the letter.  If everything is covered, answers to anything requested can be handled with a quick response with back up available.

At the end of the examination, the IRS affords the taxpayer an opportunity to agree or disagree with the decision made.  If the taxpayer disagrees, then he or she has a right to appeal it. Taxpayers who are subject to a correspondence exam have the same administrative and judicial rights as any other audit, you can go to appeals.  Call on us to prepare and present your case so you can take care of you daily business without concern over the examination.