Road Map to Your Tax Resolution

What to Expect When Resolving Your Tax Debt

Our clients frequently have two inquiries regarding our tax relief services. The first question is whether we can negotiate a settlement for an amount lower than what they owe. The second question pertains to the duration of the process.

When you hire Dan Ohara, a tax expert from Ohara & Associates LLC, to help with your taxes, you’ll experience immediate relief. However, there may be other aspects that will take longer to resolve. It’s crucial to remember that your IRS troubles didn’t arise suddenly, so resolving them will also require time.

Generally, you will not be required to speak with any agent or officer regarding your case. Dan is speaking on your behalf and the IRS will do all their work through him. An Offer in Compromise case usually takes 8-15 months (or more), depending on your tax debt, case complexity, and personal details. This is an example of a case that is going to be drawn out for a time.

Getting Started on the Right Path

If you haven’t been our client before, call us for a private, no pressure, and free consultation. We will assess your situation and discuss possible solutions based on the financial information you provided before the meeting. This usually takes around 30-45 minutes, but sometimes the information given isn’t enough to decide what to do.

So, please have all recent IRS notices and correspondence ready for our first meeting, whether in person or over the phone. We need to discuss the tax problem and see if there’s anything we can do to help solve it.

  1. Consultation: With the consultation, we will ascertain whether there is a viable case and if there is a good fit for us to work together. You will be required to sign a service agreement and make payment for a retainer fee before case work begins.
  2. Immediate Relief: Knowing that you will not need to deal with the IRS, will bring relief and reduce unnecessary stress. If the IRS contacts you, give them our contact details and ask them to contact Ohara & Associates LLC directly. You will need a separate POA for any state tax problem you have hired us for as well.
  3. Beginning the Tax Resolution Process: Your case will be overseen and handled by your tax resolution specialist, Dan Ohara. He will devise a solution for your case and give advise on the steps needed for your tax relief. Communication is vital for success, and Dan can be reached by phone, fax, email, or by in person appointment.
  4. Getting Into Compliance: Compliance implies that all overdue income tax returns need to be filed. To stay on track, make sure you keep up with your quarterly income tax payments. Additionally, if you have a salary job, be sure to deduct the correct amount of tax. Dan’s experience enables him to advise you accordingly on what needs to be done to achieve compliance.
  5. Your (the Client’s) Responsibilities: Clients who successfully resolve their tax issues have these traits in common: They see our relationship as a collaboration. They treat it as a “project” that needs cooperation. They promptly provide us with the information and documents we need. Additionally, they respond to our phone calls and emails promptly and stay in touch with us throughout their case.
  6. Tax Settlement Negotiation: Dan will propose a plan to the IRS and will make a diligent effort in obtaining the best (lowest) settlement for you under the law. However, it is rare for someone to accept a proposal right away. Dan will be sure to provide additional information to the IRS as requested and negotiate your proposed settlement until a resolution is achieved through clear communication and follow-up.

If a resolution is not agreed upon with the revenue officer, then the next step is to take the case to appeals.

If you have questions about the tax resolution process in San Jose, CA, contact Dan Ohara at (408) 684-8505 or email